Privacy policy

Personal data protection

Security facilities are implemented to protect our personal information when you enter, transmit or process personal information.

Disclosure of private information and its transfer to third parties

Your personal information may be disclosed only when necessary because: a) to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law or requirements of our system of legal process; b) to protect our rights or property; c) to take immediate action to protect the safety of our personal staff or consumers of our services, or for public safety. Your personal information that we receive when you register may be transferred to third parties and individuals who work with us to improve the quality of our Services. Your private information will not be used for any of the purposes listed above. The email address you provide to us when you register to send messages or notifications of changes to the application, as well as to distribute messages about events and changes in the company, important information about new goods and services, etc. The possibility to unsubscribe is also provided.

Use of "cookies"

When a user visits the site, a "cookie" file is recorded on his or her computer (if a user allows such files to be received). If a user has already visited this site, the cookie file can be read from his computer. Among other purposes, cookies are used to record visitor statistics. Such data helps us to determine what information we send to our customers may be of more value to them. They are collected in a general form and never involve personal information about the user. Third parties, including Google, present our company's advertising on websites on the Internet. Third parties, including Google Use Cookies, to display ads to users based on their previous visits to our websites and their interests in web browsers. You may opt-out of Google's use of this cookie. In order to do so, you must go to the dedicated Google to Page at this address:

Changes to the confidential disclosure application

The confidential disclosure application should be updated regularly. After that, the date of the previous update at the beginning of the document will change. Notifications of these changes will be prominently displayed on our website.

Thank you for your interest in our system!