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Key features of the application:

Garbage Cleaner

The app analyzes and finds junk, leftovers, cache and temporary files that are taking up memory and storage space on your phone.

Phone booster

Speed up games and other apps by freeing up RAM and destroying background tasks

Duplicate Photos

The app helps you quickly filter photos and free up space on your phone by removing duplicate photos

App Lock

It will protect your sensitive information by adding an extra password for important apps

Processor Cooler

The app dynamically analyzes and optimizes CPU usage, thereby minimizing CPU temperature

Clearing Notifications

Tired of deleting unnecessary notifications? Notification Clearing helps you hide unwanted notifications and delete them with a single tap.

Main features of the application

A versatile app for your device. It boosts and optimizes the performance of your smartphone by deleting unnecessary apps and files to free up space. With its one-touch booster you can clear all your cache files in a short period of time. The app will allow you to comfortably use your device by performing two main functions:

Garbage Removal

Clearing unnecessary files to help optimize your performance


Optimize memory usage and speed up your phone


The app has modules that are designed to improve the overall performance of your device, which allow you to:

Analyze your device's battery usage and close unnecessary applications. Battery drain can be caused by applications that are no longer in use or those that are running in the background.

Protect your device from malware and infections. Thanks to the integration of the app, you can easily scan for malware and prevent data corruption and infection.

Improve your gaming experience. The app frees up RAM to give your device a significant speed boost .It also closes background processes to improve game performance.

Pros of

What you get by using the app on your device:


Easy-to-use application - delete unnecessary files and clear cache with one click


Optimize your device performance by freeing up smartphone memory


Fix freezes - One touch is enough to stop your device from freezing so often

Tired of your phone constantly glitching and taking too long to load apps?

Download Smart Phone Cleaner & Booster